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Batsira is a Mobile App that exclusively lists Zimbabwean businesses that provide great service. We don’t just list anyone we carefully handpick businesses based on reputation, reliability and great service.

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You owe it to your customers to get your business listed on the Batsira Mobile App. Make the right decision for your business. Get listed.


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It all started with one idea. I would build a Luna Park in my Grandmother’s backyard. Seemingly in my own world and hardly able to contain my excitement, I was six years old, determined and fearless, about to put the small town of Rusape on the map! I could see it all so clearly, Ferris wheel enthusiasts and thrill seekers the world over would descend in their hundreds. At only 10 cents admission fee per person I could already picture my pocket money doubling overnight. There was literally no limit to my imagination. What followed was a roughly drawn map in the sand, coupled with a desperate plea to my Grandma for planning permission and I was set to go. Fast forward to the present day and maybe I was never destined to own a Luna Park in Rusape! However, the unquenchable ambition and equal determination I had all those years ago, led me on a journey where I managed to explore many ideas, learning hard lessons in some and succeeding in others, thus earning a wealth of experience along the way. Something that stuck with me and has now become a bit of an obsession is the importance of providing genuine customer service. It’s something I am passionate about and this is what has inspired the Batsira Mobile App.

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Thank you to all the Team at Batsira the app is fantastic and our sales and enquiries have increased daily since your launch, the app has reached customers that we would never have reached on our previous advertising platforms

Clive G. Masarakufa

In a world where life is now lived mostly online, the Batsira Mobile App is no doubt a timely arrival. Batsira's commitment to create online value and convenience for both businesses and customers alike makes it top tier. A homegrown innovation tailored for the Zimbabwean context - now that's something worth getting involved with. I would highly recommend businesses to get listed on the platform so that they get easily discovered by prospective customers.

Digital Guru

Team Batsira thank you for the help you are giving businesses like us to grow. The team at Digital Guru says thank you.

Tony Makoni

I work under a lot of pressure and I usually don't have the luxury or time to try out different services and products before I can choose. Batsira has made it so much easier for me to save time and money because I can find businesses that provide great service listed under one place. A true game changer for this generation!!!

Kurima Machinery and Technology

Batsira App has helped Kurima Machinery and Technology by linking us to farmers who were seeking agricultural machinery. Our clientele has increased since we were listed on this app. The Batsira team is a pleasure to deal with and they stick to their listed values.


The Batsira Mobile app is not only awesome but also FREE to Download, FREE to use and very simple to navigate. Featuring the best businesses Zimbabwe has to offer on one platform. Because you deserve the best.



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