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3 Customer Needs You Need To Meet (In Zimbabwe)

I’ve been a loyal customer to a certain food outlet for a couple of years now. When they opened I was curious to find out if they were going to do a better job than their competition because they were taking us for a ride.

On my first trip to the new food outlet, I ordered a chicken burger. To my dismay, I received a burger slathered in mayonnaise and something that looked like a portion of a chicken breast. I politely asked to see the manager who (please note that this is a rarity in Zimbabwe) was ready to assist. He asked me to take a seat and sort out the situation.

In just under 10 minutes he was back with a fresh chicken burger, small chips, and an ice-cold fizzy drink.  Mind you, I’d initially ordered a burger. I sat there thunderstruck for what felt like an eternity until the manager had to ask me if everything was okay. I thanked him profusely for rectifying my complaint and went on to tell everyone who would listen about the exceptional customer service I experienced. Whenever I have money to eat out it’s my go-to place, after such treatment I’d be a fool to go anywhere else.

You’d be happy to know that Zimbabwe still has a handful of companies that understand that being remarkable is the new reliable. One of the few companies that stand out is Tenga 4 Wena.


1. Support Local Products

They have a variety of products you can choose from for your hamper. Everything included is a proudly and loudly a Zimbabwean brand. It’s refreshing to see that they care about and are invested in the well-being of the community.  

2. Functionality

You have the option to customise your hamper.  You can also add extras to the existing hamper package.  Add ons include flour, juice, coffee cremer, washing powder, jam, candles, tea leaves, and toothpaste. Each household has different needs and in my opinion this was a genius move. Instead of being stuck with things you don’t need you can actually pay for something that makes sense for you and gives you value for your money.

Check out some of their raving fan reviews;

3. Convenience

With the rising cost of fuel in Zimbabwe you can rest assured that your hamper will be delivered if you order in bulk Instead of having to stop doing your work or errands to go and join a never-ending queue during your lunch break they’ll come to you. That’s more time for you to focus on more important issues.

If you’re an employer you can rest assured that Tenga 4 Wena will help you supplement your staff’s wages with food hampers that will go the distance. As an individual, you can get a good deal too because the hampers come in 3 different packages; Basic, Standard, and Premium.  Simply choose the one that you prefer.

Even though times are tough it’s good to know that someone remembers that customers have unique budgets with which they can purchase a product or service. The weekend is just a day away, why not start it on a great note and get a hamper for both yourself and your employees? Charity does, after all, begin at home.


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