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3 Ways Being Cheap Will Cost You

Does the word cheap get your full attention?  Are you one of those people who can be taking a leisurely walk around the shops; and when you see that “Sale” or “Half Price” poster you quickly change your route and head over to see what you can get your hands on? You believe that the products that are marked down or priced cheaper than the rest are the best bargain buy…


3 people shared their experiences with me on the subject of being cheap.


1. Not Buying Medication

I always had issues with my tummy. I wasn’t big on going to the doctor because I almost always used doctor Google to search for home remedies. I’d feel fine after taking in the different concoctions. Unfortunately, a few days later I’d still have the same problem. Eventually, I decided to go and get checked by a professional; it cost me 6 months of my savings. The doctor’s results revealed that I had a stomach ulcer.

2. Stolen Phone

I used to think people who got their phones snatched from them in town were careless; until it happened to me. Today isn’t the day to get into much detail of the incident. I felt I had to buy another phone immediately to stay in contact with people. I bought a no-name brand that gave me access to WhatsApp; but the keypads were slow to respond, the screen quality was blurry and the camera didn’t seem to work. Making a rushed purchase out of emotions was a bad idea.

3. Food Trap

I love all things savory treats. The joy I felt when I saw a car parked close to the supermarket selling an array of snacks. Their prices were half the amount of what was being charged in the supermarket was the highlight of my afternoon. I picked out all my favourites; paid up and left to make my way home with a huge smile on my face. While unpacking my goodies at home; I discovered that the expiry dates on the packages went as far back as 3 months. I’d only been home for just 5 minutes. There was time to take a trip back to look for the duo to ask to return the goods and guess what?  In a space of minutes they had disappeared into thin air. Welcome to Zimbabwe!

These 3 different accounts I came to the opinion that there are advantages and disadvantages where being cheap is concerned.


  • You get more where quantity is concerned instead of paying for something expensive and only getting one of it.  
  • Refer to point 1, I couldn’t think of any other reason why being cheap is a benefit.


  • How will you experience life in a positive way when you’re always trying to figure out where you can get the next best deal to save money?  
  • You might end up spending more money on the same thing. For example, you can buy 10 cheap clothing items that will discolour after a few washes. Whereas investing in quality clothes means you don’t have to replace them for months and sometimes years to come.
  • Some people don’t like associating with people who have a “cheap mindset” mentality. It’s a negative quality that mind leave you without any friends.  

While I fully understand that we have different needs. I think it’s important that you understand the reason why you choose to be cheap. If you’re out to look for a great deal you can download the Batsira Mobile App , you won’t be disappointed.  Just remember that at the end of the day you are the best judge for your situation.  You choose to be or not to be cheap.


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