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5 Interview Mistakes To Avoid Today

There are a handful of interview mistakes people make without even realising it.  Today’s your lucky day because when you show up for your next interview you will be well prepared.


1. Don’t wear an overpowering fragrance or cologne

You must opt for fresh and light fragrances. Simply spray one dab of your fragrance; that’s all you need.  Less is more. You don’t want to be the candidate who triggered the interviewers’ allergies.


2. Don’t go for your interview looking unkempt

It’s in your best interest to get well-groomed. You must get your hair done, cut your nails, brush your teeth, polish your shoes and bath. You’ll be surprised to know how many people don’t take a bath each day. Don’t  show up looking untidy and disorganised.


3. Don’t distract the interview panel

Cover up your breasts, your underwear, your bra straps and your nipples. You want people in the interview to focus on you and your skills and nothing else.



4. Don’t keep your phone on

Don’t try your luck and put your phone on airplane mode or silent mode. Simply switch it off completely. You can check out the Batsira Mobile App once your interview is over, it’s not going anywhere. For now you need your 100% focus.


5. Don’t wear extremely bright coloured clothes

You aren’t auditioning for a music video. Stick to dark colours. Choose your options from black, grey, and navy blue. When you get the call for your interview ask what the dress code is. Not all environments are formal.  Some companies are laid back and you want to fit the part when you show up for your interview.


Now that you’re more informed on mistakes you can avoid go forth and Be Confident, Smile and Get That Job!



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