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5 Things That Are Killing Your Online Business

Q: What’s the one thing most Zimbabwean customers complain about?

A: Crap Customer Service that’s what!


It’s easy for anyone to start an online business but how many people will actually remain in the online business world and make it big?  It’s simple, the ones that follow these steps that will help boost your online business in just a few minutes.



1. Response Time

Newsflash!  Your customers have options and the longer you take to respond to them the faster they look for an alternative option.  Make it a priority to get back to your customers within 24 hours or earlier with clear information.  It’s called Instant Messaging for a reason and if your customers have to wait till their next birthday to get back to them you would have lost out on potential business.


2. Social Media Platforms

Most people spend a reasonable amount of time on the internet.  If they choose to check out your work please make sure that your social media platforms are functional.  There’s nothing as unappealing as much as trying to click on an icon that leads to a broken page or a website that is suspended.  If you know your platforms are currently down it’s best to disable them until they’re ready for use.  Both customers and potential customers may translate broken platforms to not being disorganised.  You don’t want to give people who will potentially give you money to have that impression of your business.


3. Payment Methods

In Zimbabwe, we have several payment methods and if you restrict yourself to just one then you’re highly likely to be very unpopular with your customers.  People need an option that they have access to so that they can do business with you.  Be flexible and make doing business with you an enjoyable experience.


4. Automated Messages

Almost no one likes to deal with an automated message.  It’s not only annoying but also impersonal.  It’s important to take time to respond to your customers personally instead of relying on an automated message.  Customer service has to be personal in order to make an impact on the customer.


5. It’s All About Your Business

Believe it or not but human beings are selfish.  What they really want to know is how your goods or service you’re offering will help THEM.  Instead of force-feeding them information on how trendy your business is, provide valuable information that spells out very clearly what your customer will get and what benefits they will get from doing business with you.


Q: Where will I get access to businesses that value their customers and give them exceptional treatment?

A: At Batsira; we are obsessed with finding businesses that provide high-quality service and unmatched value to their customers.


Amazing right?  You’re going to be in good hands.




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