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5 Things You Can Do To Get Good Customer Service

I had the pleasure of experiencing great customer service on Saturday.  The Zimbabwe load shedding situation is pretty intense where I stay so I had to make a plan and fast.  My mission for the day was to replace the battery charger for my inverter.  I was greeted by the door by a chirpy salesman who quickly got on to pleasantries and asked what I needed help with.  He was well informed about the products in the shop, he knew the prices both in local currency and United States Dollars.  What stood out for me was when he advised me that he didn’t know the exact type of battery charger I needed.  He insisted that I send a picture to their WhatsApp platform once I got home so that I didn’t waste my hard earned money on something that might or might not work once I bought it.  I was awed because this experience showed me that in as much as he wanted to make a sale he also wanted me to make a well-informed purchase.


This experience also got me thinking about how much we love to complain about receiving bad customer care in Zimbabwe.  If the tables were turned and organisations were asked to rate us as customers where do you think we would fall short?  I think that customer service experience is a two-way street and if you tried one of these 5 tips then perhaps you might experience a positive outcome the next time you’re about town.



1.Have Conversations

Did you greet the person who was in the front office the last time you walked into an organisation or you waited for them to greet you because you’re the customer?  I challenge you to wear your warmest smile, say hello, ask how the person is and see how they respond.  Chances are they will be receptive and more willing to assist you.


2.Know What You Want

One of the top reasons people do repeat business is because of fast service.  Did you know that as a customer you can also contribute towards this?  Simple, by knowing what it is you want.  Imagine how quickly a salesperson can attend to you if you tell them your exact needs.  Example, you want to replace your phone battery for an iPhone XS and you would like to know if there’s a discount for paying for it in United States Dollars.


3.Be Pleasant

Too many times we walk around with an attitude that reads “I’m the customer you should worship the ground I walk on even though I might end up not buying anything in this shop.”  A wise man once said; Occasionally you will be given the chance of either being intellectual or pleasant.  Leave being intellectual to others.



A handful of people undermine a waiter when they walk into a restaurant.  Have you ever tried to make conversation with him when you order to find out what the special of the day is or what they would recommend you try out from their menu?  Chances are very slim that you have done so.  As much as you view him as just the waiter, he knows the ins and outs of the restaurant so who better to help you get the best choice?


5.Be Proactive

As a customer, it’s important to keep your documents in check.  When you make a purchase make sure you keep your receipts.  Thanks to technology you can take a picture of it and email it to yourself for future reference.  If there are any conversations on email or WhatsApp always keep them in case you need them one day.  You never know how this can make your life a whole lot easier next time you need to return something or need a proof of purchase.


Are you practicing any of the tips above to make your customer experience all the more pleasant?






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