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5 Ultimate Travel Tips

I love to travel. I get to experience things I ordinarily wouldn’t have if I had stayed at home watching TV and stuffing my face with food. Did you know that according to studies traveling decreases the amount of cortisol (the amount of stress hormone) in the body? You’d automatically assume that everyone would want to pack their bags and head out for a trip. Surprise surprise!

A handful of people have excuses why they don’t travel ranging from;

  • I can’t afford it, I live in Zimbabwe, almost everything is expensive.
  • My schedule is very busy I never have time.
  • I’m scared to travel alone.

These are all valid excuses. I will address how you can go around some of them in today’s post.

AfroNomads Travel

1.Group Trips

Travel as a group. This is a cheaper alternative. You get to travel, eat and sometimes stay with a group of people from different walks of life. This is an experience to get out of your comfort zone. I recommend you join travel groups like AfroNomads. They have travel packages available that will save you time and energy for planning. There’s safety in numbers. Chances of being targeted when you’re in a group are less likely.


2. Cross Check

Make sure you confirm price days and even a day before your trip. Prices in Zimbabwe can change overnight and you don’t want to find yourself reaching your destination with insufficient funds. 


3. Hard Cash

While most countries have adopted a paperless economy some places still need you to pay in cash. When you travel the network isn’t always available.  You can’t afford to rely on making an online transaction which might leave you stranded with unavailable network and no access to cash.


4. Local Is Lekker

You don’t have to head off to Bali right away. You can start small. Have you been to the local destinations in your country? Even better, have you been to the local places in your city? If you live in Harare, the National Art Gallery is a great place to start. If you like African art this is the place for you. They’re open from Tuesday’s to Sunday’s from 8am to 5pm.

National Art Gallery Photo Credit : AfroNomads


5. Research

With Batsira Mobile App  you can easily navigate through categories to see who offers different services; travel tours included.  Use technology to your advantage, it’s a great tool.  Use Google search to research the weather, dress code, activities or best time to travel for your intended destination. You want to be well prepared and not feel left out when you arrive at a place with the most beautiful swimming pool you’ve ever seen; meanwhile you didn’t pack your bathing suit.  


I dare you to be fearless and plan to travel today. Like Helen Keller said;

“In the end life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”



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