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5 Best Tips To Motivate Your Employees

Have you noticed a sudden drop in levels of motivation in your employees lately?  They used to be enthusiastic about their work but suddenly they show up late, they aren’t thorough with their work, they don’t volunteer new ideas and they are taking longer lunch breaks.  You might quickly assume they are simply incompetent but perhaps they are actually demotivated.


The bad news is demotivation can happen to anyone but the good news is there is a way to fix it and you can do so today if you try any of these simple steps.




Take time to check in with them.  It doesn’t have to be an everyday event but as and when you can schedule as little as 15 minutes of your time to have a one on one session with your employees and find out what they want.  What brings out the best in them?  What makes them tick?  Always bearing in mind that motivation is something that each of us experiences differently.



Now that you know what works for who start implementing this in everyday interaction.  Get your employees to feel terrific about themselves.  You can try this out by:


  • Complimenting or Congratulating

A simple email to thank your employees for doing a great job at an assigned task will go the distance.  Human beings thrive on positive feedback.  When employees feel valued and have their work recognised their performance skyrockets too.


  • Compensating

After your investigations, you know what form of compensation will work for which employee.  Think money, a certificate of recognition, a gift card, a shopping voucher, a food hamper or maybe lunch with the manager?


Here’s a great example;


Imagine a situation where employees have a profit share in the organization.  Employees will work tirelessly to make sure the organization’s revenue is boosted.  If revenue goes up your profit share goes up with it.  It’s a win win situation.

Whatever it is make sure it’s the motivation that will last.  



The more someone likes themselves on the inside the better they perform on the outside.  Walking into some organisations in Zimbabwe gives you a snapshot of how things are really going within.  The negative attitude you receive is a tell-tale sign that something is probably not being addressed where self-image is concerned.  Thankfully there are organisations like The Recruitment Company that also cater to your training needs and you can get in touch with them right away.  Keep in mind that the more you like yourself the more you like other people.  The more your employees are pleasant to existing and potential customers the more chances of building lasting business relations.



Ever noticed how some people love to go home straight after work?  Most time it’s because their home is comfortable and welcoming.  You can do the same for your organization.  Those broken chairs, outdated furniture poor lighting certainly affect the mood of your employees.  Invest in making it look better and have your employees look forward to coming to work.  A fresh and well organized office look also gives your customers trust in your business capabilities.



Make goal setting a priority.  Studies have shown that goal setting;


Increases commitment and motivation in employees

Directs employees to maximize accomplishments

Supports company goals


Hypothetically speaking; one of your hobbies is Web Designing and you do a sterling job of it.  You’ve designed websites for your friends and family and sometimes you even get paid for it.  Your organization needs a website done and you offer your services for free.  Your manager is impressed with your work and offers that you not only get paid for a job well done but also be featured on the website as the person behind the amazing work.  Your day job at the office has nothing to do with Web Design but your contribution has supported one of the goals of the organization.


How do you think an employee like this will feel? What are the chances that they will want to look for a job elsewhere?  What sort of message do you think they will speak of in light of their current place of work?  How much effort do you think they will put into their work?  You’re right!  They will work harder and continue to produce quality work. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that some employees have personal goals that don’t always involve leaving the organization.


Just like Batsira we believe you too can foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth within your organization.  Try these tips today and help your employees feel motivated, energetic and bursting by the seams with fresh ideas!



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