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6 Problems Every Zimbabwean Business Person Faces

Welcome to Zimbabwe, a country where you can make a lot of money (or not) amid pandemonium. The past two weeks Ecocash, a mobile payment facility; has had technical glitches that have left a lot of businesses making losses. This happened round about the time we were set out to launch our Batsira Ads Mobile App. We can’t begin to imagine the amount of frustration we would have experienced if we had done so.  

It also got us thinking of some of the unique to Zimbabwe hurdles the ordinary business person faces.  

  1. You’re trying to launch an App and you need to use your computer to do so and guess what, there’s no electricity for the greater part of the day.
  2. Your new restaurant venture is pumping.  Everything is going great, customers are milling and suddenly there’s no running water for days on end.  You realise the gas in the kitchen has run out.  The waiter rushes to the filling station only for him to return with a still empty gas tank bleating something about the generator not working.  Guess what, they couldn’t refill the tank! What must happen now?
  3. Instead of sitting around hoping that electricity will come back you decide to get yourself a generator. Very wise move until things change. It now costs your arms, legs and your brother’s kidney to refuel your generator.
  4. No WiFi. In 2019! The price for data packages goes up every single month and unfortunately, the service remains poor. Half the time you’re struggling with slow speeds or zero connection. Trying to call to get your issue fixed is a nightmare and your patience thins beyond recognition.
  5. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to access cash from your bank. If not then you can try Ecocash which might be currently going through some system update. Whichever way you will go through some stress of sort.
  6. Price changes. Some of your employees will waste valid time continuously changing prices on the shelves and in your system. Sadly, you can’t keep prices as is because you’ll run a major loss.  

What a time to be a business person in Zimbabwe!

Our Batsira Ads App is coming soon, are you ready?

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