The Batsira Story

It all started with one idea. I would build a Luna Park in my Grandmother’s backyard. Seemingly in my own world and hardly able to contain my excitement, I was six years old, determined and fearless, about to put the small town of Rusape on the map! I could see it all so clearly, Ferris wheel enthusiasts and thrill seekers the world over would descend in their hundreds. At only 10 cents admission fee per person I could already picture my pocket money doubling overnight. There was literally no limit to my imagination. What followed was a roughly drawn map in the sand, coupled with a desperate plea to my Grandma for planning permission and I was set to go. Fast forward to the present day and maybe I was never destined to own a Luna Park in Rusape! However, the unquenchable ambition and equal determination I had all those years ago, led me on a journey where I managed to explore many ideas, learning hard lessons in some and succeeding in others, thus earning a wealth of experience along the way. Something that stuck with me and has now become a bit of an obsession is the importance of providing genuine customer service. It’s something I am passionate about and this is what has inspired the Batsira Mobile App.


What Turns Us On?

Our Values

Professionalism: An uncompromising integrity and pride in everything we do.

Innovation: An intense desire for continuous improvement and growth.

Customer Driven: An obsession with providing high quality service and unmatched value to all our customers.

Compassion: A commitment to help all team members strive to be the best they can be.

Community: A resolution to create a friendly and vibrant workplace where collaboration, imagination and creativity are valued.

The Vision

To listen to our customers’ needs and concerns and be driven to always provide solutions that exceed their expectations. We back these solutions with dedicated employees, who understand that if we can provide real value to businesses and consumers alike, we will create raving fans out of every one of them.  To increase exposure for our listed businesses by promoting and advertising them in an innovative way to get more customers walking through their doors.



To create an innovative platform which provides access to the best local businesses and service providers Zimbabwe has to offer. To honour these businesses by increasing exposure and featuring their profiles prominently on the Batsira Mobile app. To give them full control of their listing allowing them to update, edit or check their stats instantly. To listen to our customers' needs and concerns, and to tailor and grow our business around what Zimbabweans want.