Batsira Mobile App

Batsira is a Shona word that means help. The brand Batsira was built on an obsession to help the community find Zimbabwean businesses that provide high-quality service and unmatched value to all their customers. We want both you and businesses on Batsira Mobile App to have a platform they can trust and rely on to deliver great service.



Zimbabwe 2008; shelves were bare and all you could find in the shops was an abundance of Mazoe Orange Crush, pet food, and soya chunks. In that very state of chaos, I started a thriving frozen chicken delivery business and built up a database from scratch to a total of 923 satisfied customers in just 2 years. How was this possible in 2008 when the country was on its knees? The secret is simple; SPECTACULAR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I knew every single customer by name and almost all of their contact details without looking them up. I had a relationship with every one of my customers, they were loyal and even when the prices changed 4 times a day, they still didn’t complain. They used to look forward to their frozen chicken delivery. I treated each customer like they were my only customer and never took their support for granted. I would often get a treat or a hug especially from my customers at Dandaro. Now I’m not saying you should go around hugging every single person you do business with, but it’s very profound and rewarding when a customer hugs you first, it is at that point that you know you are doing something right.


1. An innovative platform which features your business profile and bio on the Batsira Mobile App.
2. You are listed as one of the best on Batsira Mobile App and website.
3. You don’t have to complete with hundreds of other businesses for placement as we only list the best customer service providers.
4. Increased business exposure by raving about your business continuously.
5. Your own login pin which gives you full control of your listing allowing you to automatically update and edit your profile anytime, anywhere?
6. You can add any promotions or special offers to your profile instantly.
7. Access to your business stats so you can see how your business is performing and how many app downloads there have been.
8. You have access to Batsira logos and badges to include on your social media pages.
9. Batsira will keep you informed on all customer reviews for your business.


The Batsira Mobile App will give you instant access to a business in your area that delivers the best customer service experience.


Say goodbye to having to message your friends on WhatsApp or posting on social media platforms trying to figure out who will do a great job for you. We all know just how expensive data is and we’re here to give you one less thing to stress about. Once you download the Batsira Mobile App you can search through businesses that go the extra mile and keep their promises to their customers. The best part is you won’t have to pay a single dime for this service.


Think of the times you’ve had someone refer you to someone they claimed was the best in the business and it turned out they weren’t as great. With Batsira Mobile App, businesses that feature are the ones that understand that customers who experience bad customer service seldom return; they just go and spend their money elsewhere. They understand that it’s more expensive to find a new customer than it is to keep an existing one.


Real people giving real reviews on how happy they are using Zimbabwean businesses listed on the App. You gotta love Batsira Mobile App, we’ve got you!


When you use the Batsira Mobile App you have access to exclusive updates on the latest information, discounts, and promotions from customer service champions in your area!


Batsira is a loudly and proudly Zimbabwean 24/7 service; it’s something we do out of love before anything else.




We Honor Local Businesses

For businesses, it is free to register and invite us to review. Our aim is to list the three best local businesses: we don’t list big corporations: local businesses know their customers better, they live in the same cities and towns and we believe provide better services for you and your family. Listed businesses receive exceptional service and care from Batsira: we invest our time and resources to ensure that our website stays current and visible in the market, it’s simple to use and easy for your customers to do business with you.