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Laughter, The Medicine Zimbos Can Afford

I’ve lived in Zimbabwe all my life.  I can tell you that 2019 has been the most trying year for me mentally.  One day you wake up and question why you’re still in Zimbabwe. The next day you remind yourself you’re too old to “start a new life” in a different country; so why not […]

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The Entrepreneur Adventure

So you’ve taken a big step to joining the rare breed of entrepreneurs that are living the adventure of their life – independent, motivated and fulfilled?     Your new business will dominate your life and the life of your family during the first three years.  It’s practically another addition to the family (think a […]

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Do You Have The Balls To Be An Entrepreneur In Zimbabwe?

A lot of people have the idea that once you become an entrepreneur you’ll become a billionaire (not Zimbabwean currency). I’m sorry to burst your bubble, not everyone can be like Mark Zuckerburg. The rest of us have to put in the time to make the dream materialize.  One thing is certain if you can’t […]

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Becoming an Entrepreneur In Zimbabwe? You Must Be Mad!

Becoming an Entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted. Be prepared to eat, sleep and breathe your new business. You won’t get through this on your own; you need the support of your family and friends as you will keep unsociable hours.   If you have ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur then it’s probably a […]

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The Importance Of Communication Part 2

Last week the blog post was on The Importance of Communication.  If you didn’t read it you can catch up over here and get to know the story behind Tsitsi’s experience.   I shared 2 steps you can take to avoid falling into the same trap.  Today I have 3 more that you can implement […]

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The Importance Of Communication In Business

Communication gone wrong is on top of complaints on social media platforms if you search for the latest news in business or customer experiences.  If you want to read the most eye-opening stories to date Facebook is your friend.       A few weeks ago there was a lady who shared her experience with […]

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5 Things You Should Consider When Shopping Around

Zimbabweans are currently going through a phase of absolute shock.  If you need a real life experience just walk into any supermarket and observe the shoppers.  If one isn’t collecting their jaw from the floor after seeing the latest price for a 2kg packet of mixed chicken portions, they are shaking their head in disbelief […]

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5 Things You Can Do To Get Good Customer Service

I had the pleasure of experiencing great customer service on Saturday.  The Zimbabwe load shedding situation is pretty intense where I stay so I had to make a plan and fast.  My mission for the day was to replace the battery charger for my inverter.  I was greeted by the door by a chirpy salesman […]

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5 Best Tips To Motivate Your Employees

Have you noticed a sudden drop in levels of motivation in your employees lately?  They used to be enthusiastic about their work but suddenly they show up late, they aren’t thorough with their work, they don’t volunteer new ideas and they are taking longer lunch breaks.  You might quickly assume they are simply incompetent but […]

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5 Things That Are Killing Your Online Business

Q: What’s the one thing most Zimbabwean customers complain about? A: Crap Customer Service that’s what!   It’s easy for anyone to start an online business but how many people will actually remain in the online business world and make it big?  It’s simple, the ones that follow these steps that will help boost your […]

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