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Discover 5 Ways To Live Stress Free

I hope some day soon someone will write a book on How To Live Stress Free in Zimbabwe.  Emphasis on Zimbabwe because we have very unique challenges that will test your limits.  In Zimbabwe;

  • You can spend most of your day with no electricity,
  • Fail to access cash from your bank,
  • Be one of the unlucky ones who try to change their foreign currency and receive counterfeit bills or
  • Can be charged exorbitant amounts by a service provider agent to access your money.

It’s a jungle out here and this blog post will show you 5 ways you can live stress free.


1. Go Offline

Social media is a great tool.  However, if consumed in excess it might take over your entire life.  Make it a habit to have times when you switch off your phone and laptop.  Use that time offline to get up to different activities that will feed your soul.  You can try reading a good book, fix yourself a delicious meal,  catch up with friends over coffee or simply take a power nap.  Take time to enjoy the little things in life.


2. Limit Caffeine

A few weeks ago I decided to have a hot cup of coffee after a very stressful day.  I thought a cup of hot coffee would work some magic for me.  I downed it just before bed time and to my annoyance I was wide awake for the rest of the night.  It was only after a Google search that I discovered that caffeine increases alertness!  Here I was trying to get a goodnight’s sleep. Other issues associated with caffeine include;  high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and digestive issues.  A point to also note is how the coffee prices in Zimbabwe have gone up!  That’s one sure way to limit your intake.


3. Positive Vibes

Ever noticed how spending time with certain people leaves you feeling drained?  Have you also observed how some social media platforms or groups are filled with people who are ready to comment negatively, gossip and never contribute anything positive or productive.  Protect your peace and avoid these situations; they will drain your energy and add onto your existing stress.

4. Exercise 

The main reason you should exercise is to get the feel good hormones that come with it.  The other important reason is that exercising will improve your health and reduce the risk of developing diseases.  Reducing diseases means you won’t have to pay the doctor a visit.  Doctors are charging a lot of money which is out of reach for most people.  Do the right thing today and start an exercise program and enjoy a stress free life.


5. Talk To Someone

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police a total of 129 suicide deaths were recorded between January to March 2019.  Most suicide cases are caused by social and financial problems.

We all need a support system.  We can’t go through life facing battles on our own.  In the African society people aren’t encouraged to talk about their problems.  Though I understand that some people generally enjoy knowing that someone is going through a tough time it’s important that you discern who needs to know about your problems.  Be willing to ask for help, it will help to manage your stress.  If you’re in Harare, Zimbabwe, our “Pick of The Week” is The Global Institute of Emotional Health and Wellness and they offers Mental and Emotional Health Services.  Please get in touch with them if you need someone to reach out to.  They’re available 24/7.


It’s impossible to live a completely stress-free life but learning how to manage stress will most definitely smooth the pathway.






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