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Do You Have The Balls To Be An Entrepreneur In Zimbabwe?

A lot of people have the idea that once you become an entrepreneur you’ll become a billionaire (not Zimbabwean currency). I’m sorry to burst your bubble, not everyone can be like Mark Zuckerburg. The rest of us have to put in the time to make the dream materialize.  One thing is certain if you can’t work 40 hours a week as an employee then you can kiss being an entrepreneur goodbye and stop reading right here. On the other hand; if you believe you have the balls, you’re self-motivated, self-disciplined and your dream is greater than your need for sleep then read on.





1. You’re Your Own Boss


You can work on flexible hours. Some days you can work through the day and night not because you have to but because you are passionate about your business and failure is not an option.  Also have you seen the price of bread lately?


2. There’s No Limit To What Your Idea Can Become


You own your brand, you own your creativity and you have no limits on what you can do. When you are in this zone it’s almost as if nothing else exists and all you’re focused on is making your dream a reality.


3. A “Never Quit Attitude” Will Pay Off


Your success will be measured by the blood, sweat, tears, long nights and the decision to never give up.



DISADVANTAGES OF BEING A ZIMPRENEUR (Where do you want me to start?)


There’s  a thousand disadvantages I could mention but for the sake of saving battery in my laptop before electricity gets back I’ll just mention 3.


1. Let’s Plan For Tomorrow – Love The Ambition!


If you’re an entrepreneur in Zimbabwe you live with uncertainty. You can wake up one morning and:

The fuel price has changed,
The flyers you printed with your products in United States Dollars are no longer valid because the country no longer uses foreign currency as legal tender,
There’s no electricity for 18 straight hours,
There’s no running water for days on end. – Kuda Musasiwa


2. The Grind Doesn’t Stop


When you’re starting more often that not employing people is not an option so you’ll have to learn a lot of new skills and fast. You will need to be the Manager, Accountant, Graphic Designer, Messenger, Generator Operator or the Tea Person.  To top this all up lunch breaks will probably not exist for you.


3. Expect To Burn Out


Being an entrepreneur in Zimbabwe comes with fatigue, stress, burnout, anxiety and depression due to circumstances beyond your control.  You won’t find these challenges elsewhere, they are unique to Zimbabwe and you won’t find these obstacles in countries where everything works.  The psychological aspect of running a small business in Zimbabwe is something that’s barely talked about and could probably never be explained.


If you’re still with me and you believe you have what it takes to make your dream come true in Zimbabwe then you are halfway to being successful.  I’ve taken a leap of faith to start a Mobile App where it’s dependent on WiFi, reliable networks, electricity all of which are often non existent for most part of the day.  Despite of these hurdles I still believe in my ability to see this through.


Stay tuned for next week’s Thursday post where I’ll share how important it is for entrepreneurs to have a strong support system.



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