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Great Holiday Gift Ideas For Under $100

Gifting can be a very tricky subject. Incase you haven’t figured out what to gift someone; this will help you come up with something that’s budget friendly. There’s a chance that at least one item on the list below will appeal to your family and friends.  

  1. Pay a bill. This can be an electricity bill, water bill, school fees bill. Whatever the bill is, just taking that one expense off someone’s mind will be great.
  2. Phone charger. That’s the one thing that’s a real headache to replace. Especially given that they don’t come cheap.
  3. Bluetooth speaker. Perfect for a music lover. They come in different colours, shapes, and sizes and reasonably priced too. 
  4. Flowers. Not only are they affordable but they leave a smile on someone’s face when they receive them. It’s that one gift that will continue to have an effect especially if they dry the flowers and keep them in a place they constantly see them.
  5. Massage. A chance to relax, unwind and have your worries washed away for an hour. This gift is suitable for anyone, who wouldn’t want a day of pampering?
  6. Socks or boxers. You’d be surprised at how many people never get time to grab these for themselves. Just make sure you know their correct size.
  7. Flip flops or slides. It’s very hot in Zimbabwe lately and a good pair of shoes suitable for the weather will do wonders.
  8. Airtime or data. This has fast become a luxury for most people in Zimbabwe. At a time where everything is digital missing out on what’s news makes you feel left behind. Surprise your loved one this Christmas with bundles to last them an entire month!
  9. A beautiful timepiece. This is the best time to gift someone a watch because most shops have them on sale.
  10. Fill up their gas tank. Most parts of the country hardly ever have electricity. This might be the best gift you’ll ever give the next person.  

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May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill.


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