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Laughter, The Medicine Zimbos Can Afford

I’ve lived in Zimbabwe all my life.  I can tell you that 2019 has been the most trying year for me mentally.  One day you wake up and question why you’re still in Zimbabwe. The next day you remind yourself you’re too old to “start a new life” in a different country; so why not make the most of the life you have here and believe that it will work out for the best eventually? I’ll share some unique stories from Zimbabwe that will make you realise that even though we don’t have it good, laughter is still the one thing we can afford each day.




Zesa vs Giving Your Wife Your Phone


Most parts of the country are experiencing load shedding.  In some parts you can go for days without electricity.  You would think most Zimbabweans would have the suicide hotline on speed dial but in true Zimbo fashion we always find a way to laugh.  There’s a hilarious video doing the rounds on social media where men are being asked; “Go without electricity for one week or give your phone to your wife and have access to endless electricity.”  All the men said they would rather go without electricity, even if it meant a whole month without it.  It makes you wonder what some men keep in their phones.  I know one thing that would give them reason to sleep easy if they had to hand over their phone to their wives; the Batsira Mobile App.  The greatest thing that ever happened when it comes to locating businesses that offer a great customer experience.


Who Said A Fuel Queue Can’t Be Fun?


Personally, when I see a 5km fuel queue, unless my petrol light is blinking I won’t join it.  The main reason being chances of getting any juice by the time I reach the pump are pretty much 0.  One quiet Sunday afternoon in the leafy suburbs of Greendale I had to eat my words and sadly join a meandering fuel queue.  As luck would have it, I joined the queue at position 79 right behind a very lively young individual.  He had a brilliant playlist which was entertaining the entire queue.  He wasn’t sitting in his car sulking.  He chose to make the most of his time in the situation he found himself in.   He opened his boot and to my surprise he had two full buckets of water, soap, some cloths and with a huge smile on his face he started washing his car with great enthusiasm.  When he caught my eye he smiled and came over to me and said; “If I finish cleaning my car before we get to the pump I’ll happily clean yours, it makes the time go by faster.”  This is one of the many reasons why we’re all still in Zimbabwe, we always find a way to make the best of a bad situation.



Zimbos Got Jokes


Most people myself included can’t afford Mazoe Orange.  It’s simply not on my shopping list anymore and that’s okay.  I think it’s going to become one of those things I drink during the festive season like we used to do many years ago.  Remember how rice, chicken and coleslaw salad were a special meal?  That’s what’s happening with Mazoe Orange right now it’s now become a luxury, like cheese.  I came across this video and I know you’ll enjoy it.



I’m here to tell you that whatever you’re going through it’s perfectly okay to not be feeling your best. Just remember not to dwell on the negative things for too long for those are moments that would have stolen valuable time that you can’t get back.


Laughter is like a windshield wiper, it doesn’t stop the rain but allows us to keep going.









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