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Smile, It Ignites Great Customer Service

“A smile says, ‘I like you. I am glad to see you.'” – Dale Carnegie

The number one skill you need to adopt today is bargain hunting. It’s easy to give up on your plans when you ask a few service providers for their quotations for their products or services. Their prices will water down your spirits of finding something affordable yet still does a great job.  


I’d been meaning to get my carpets cleaned for the longest time. After shopping around I’d nearly given up on ever having a squeaky clean carpet. It was by mere coincidence when I bumped into Home, Work and Vehicle Cleaning Corporation  on the Batsira Mobile App. Their quick response won me over before I even got into the finer details of the work I needed to be done. Below you’ll read about my experience and how you can implement this into your own business.


1. Time Conscious 

Home, Work and Vehicle Cleaning Corporation contacted me the day before our appointment to confirm my address and their time of arrival. The next day the owner of the business together with his supervisor was at my gate at the exact time we had agreed on. The rest of the team arrived a few minutes later. They informed their manager that the car had broken down but made alternative arrangements for transport and arrived with all their equipment. This was a proactive team. Instead of calling their manager to whine they made a plan and still made it within a reasonable time.



2. Smile

Did you know that smiling is contagious? Did you also know that a smile or lack of one can make or break your business? When the team came through they were all smiles and very friendly. It reassured me that they were approachable, ready to interact and were willing to listen if I had any concerns.


3. Have A Plan B

If you’re in Zimbabwe you already know the water and electricity situation. We barely have access to these basic needs and when we do it’s not always at the most convenient time. I had access to both water and power on the day. You’ll be happy to know that the service provider had highlighted that if I didn’t have they were going to make arrangements to make sure that the job would be completed.


4. Under Promise

They came through to do the job on a Friday morning. They’d initially informed me that it would take 5 hours. I was ecstatic to learn that the job would actually take 3 hours to complete.  The rest of my Friday afternoon was free and I could prepare for the Rugby World Cup that was showing the next day! Nothing beats a business that under promises and over-delivers. I was genuinely thrilled. 



5. Customer Care

One sure way of achieving repeat business and referrals is through after care support. The business owner came through to see if his team had done a thorough job at the end of the day. To add icing on the cake he contacted me on the Monday to find out if the carpets had dried up to my satisfaction? You can do this as well, through a phone-call which feels a lot more personal, email or text message. Show your customer you care.


There are 3 main things your customer wants from you; to be:

  • heard
  • understood
  • cared for

If you can meet these needs you’ll be halfway through to be successful in business.

Have you experienced great customer service lately? What about their service or product grabbed your attention?


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