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The Importance Of Communication Part 2

Last week the blog post was on The Importance of Communication.  If you didn’t read it you can catch up over here and get to know the story behind Tsitsi’s experience.


I shared 2 steps you can take to avoid falling into the same trap.  Today I have 3 more that you can implement in your business today or pass on to someone you know will need this.




Are you using a consistent reliable communication platform with your clients?  Are you letting them know where they reach you without fail from the get-go?  Tsitsi contacted the photographer on several different platforms.  This shows inconsistency on his part.  Being inaccessible, unresponsive and unavailable is a sure way to rub your client the wrong way.  Instead of avoiding Tsitsi the photographer should have assured her that he was working flat out to address the problem, give her a definite date he would have her photographs and honour his word.





“Did you know that 54% of customers share bad experiences with more than five people, while only 33% share their good experiences.”


Tsitsi naturally got upset.  Tsitsi took her anger to social media and mentioned his name, tagged his Facebook account and shared screenshots with his number.  One thing is certain, miscommunication can easily drag your brand name in the mud.   It takes time, dedication and hard work to build a brand.  All this effort can go down the drain with just one bad review.  Do whatever it takes to make sure your clients keep a positive image of your brand.





This situation would have taken a completely different direction if the photographer took a second to put himself in Tsitsi’s shoes.  You can only imagine what she was going through.  The emotional trauma of thinking she may have been cheated out of her money, the time she spent trying to contact the photographer and the disappointment of not having the precious memories of herself and her children (which she only sees once a year) like she had been promised.  If you are already putting yourself in your customers shoes then well done to you!  If not, then it’s time your business started demonstrating that you are thinking about them, by solving their problems and communicating in simple, thoughtful ways.


Life in Zimbabwe is tough for most people.  When they choose to spend their precious money on your business it’s your your duty to give them a positive experience.




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