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The Secret To Feeling Good

How did you feel the last time you got your hair done? I asked a couple of friends and these were their responses;

  • Rejuvenated, handsome and confident
  • Pampered and pretty
  • Like a superstar
  • Great and very attractive
  • I can take a lot of selfies to post on my social media pages

When you live in Zimbabwe with one unpleasant surprise after another; getting your hair done might be the one little luxury you can indulge in. The good news is it’s a treat you don’t have to spend on often. The bad news is it might stretch your budget a little but you can give yourself time to save up for that one special day.

So are you ready to be blown away by an experience that’ll leave you feeling like you have your life sorted? If you make your way to Turning Heads Hair Salon your trip to the salon will never be the same again.


1. Treat Customers Like Family

How special do you feel when you walk into a building and the first person who meets you greets you by name?  You are welcomed with a bright smile, colourful conversation and enquiries about your family.  They even remember to ask how your sister is fairing with motherhood since she recently had a baby girl.  Your sister happens to be a regular at the salon and enjoys coming to get her hair done as often as she can. Everyone is welcoming and friendly.  The ambiance makes you feel like you’re out hanging out with friends.  How can you not go back?

2. Time Conscious

Once upon a time I made an appointment with my hairdresser at a salon that will remain anonymous.  She confirmed that she would be free at the said time.  I arrived just in time and proceeded to get my new look for the month. Halfway through a customer waltzed in.  The way she was dressed didn’t need you to guess that she was wealthy.  It turns out she was rushing for a meeting and had the audacity to ask my hairdresser if she could do her hair immediately.  To my astonishment my hairdresser set up another chair for this intruding customer and informed me that she would get back to me as soon as she was done.  It’s no surprise that I never went back there even after being a loyal customer for nearly 3 years.

Then I switched over to Turning Heads Hair Salon and I’m happy to say it was the most rewarding change I made for myself.  They attend to their clients strictly by appointment.  When you arrive you’re guaranteed to have your hairdresser’s undivided attention for the duration of your hairdo. No uncalled for interruptions.  Nothing but professional people who understand that the happiness of a customer is an integral part of their business.

3. Exceed Your Expectations

The last visit I paid to the salon was after a very busy week.  I’m an Entrepreneur  and I have erratic working hours. That particular week I barely got enough sleep and had two straight days I had to pull all nighters because I had to deliver work for one of my top clients.  I was truly looking forward to my hair appointment because it was the one thing that I was certain was going to help me relax and put a smile on my face.  As soon as my hairdresser finished doing my hair she told me that I wasn’t looking like my usual self, I’d been falling asleep for the most part of the haircut.  She offered to give me a neck massage and it helped take most of the tension out of my body.  I left with a fresh haircut and a tension free body.  How can I not recommend such service to family and friends?  There’s a Facebook review on Turning Heads Hair Salon that reads; “I literally fly from the other side of the world to get my hair cut here… they are that good.

If you’re looking for a salon that will literally have people turning heads after you spend a few hours with them then Turning Heads Hair Salon is a place you need to pass through today.

Life is short. You might as well live it with really great hair. – Anonymous



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