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What To Expect In The Early Days Of Entrepreneurship

So you’ve taken a big step to join the rare breed of entrepreneurs that are living the adventure of their life – independent, motivated and fulfilled? There are a few realities you’ll need to get in touch with before you head out.


Your new business will dominate your life and the life of your family during the first 3 years. It’s practically another addition to the family (think a baby or a pet). When you start-up, you new project will be:


  1. Demanding
  2. Delicate
  3. Give you sleepless nights
  4. It will need your attention – this is an all or nothing game and your family and friends will soon realise that you’re constantly on an emotional roller-coaster ride.


Thankfully, like any new addition, it will give you an immense level of pleasure as you watch it grow.

What’s the challenge facing most entrepreneurs? 

Trying to manage the stress of being your own boss while facilitating an environment of love, support, and togetherness at home.


What YOU can do to help?


  • Offer them solicited constructive criticism. Be open and tell them your honest opinion and not what you think they want to hear.


  • Be understanding. When they can’t make an important function or miss a fun social outing it’s a temporary phase. They’re in the process of building an empire, it won’t be forever and you’ll get them back one day.


  • Encourage them by being genuinely interested in their new venture, there’s nothing more important than knowing you have the backing and love from your family and friends.


  • If their business is on social media, Like, Share and Comment on their posts.


  • Buy their product or use their service.


The success of a business depends on the commitment you put in as an entrepreneur but most importantly it’s the support you get from the people who matter most, that will motivate you, encourage you and to make you carry on when you feel like giving up. Also, the fact that you’re Zimbabwean means you face a fresh challenge every single day. If you can get past that nothing will stop you from making your business idea come alive.


Are you practicing any of the things on the list of how to support an entrepreneur?




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